Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora get married: 10 things you should know about their wedding and honeymoon

Long live love! Former avenger Tilsa Lozano will marry her fiancé, the boxer Jackson Mora, this Friday, November 25 after three years of relationship. Therefore, in this article from El Popular we will tell you some information that you did not know about the wedding that will compete with the ceremonies of Ethel Pozo and Valeria Piazza.

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1.-Where will the wedding of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora take place?

the ceremony of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora It will take place at a ranch in Pachacámac, just like the television hosts Ethel Pozo and Valeria Piazza.

2.- This is what the invitation part looks like

The invitation part that the couple of future spouses sent to their guests had a classic style with a stylized typography that gives it a formal appearance.

3.- Tilsa’s dress

Jazmín Pinedo’s friend revealed that she traveled to the United States to buy her dress. According to Magaly Medina’s program, Tilsa Lozano He would have paid $4,000 for his garment.

4.- Jackson Mora costume

The groom would wear an exclusive Dolce & Gabbana suit whose price would have been around $3,500.

5.- Guests

tilsa revealed that he invited his pinkies Jazmín Pinedo and Maricris Rubio; In addition, he left open the possibility of inviting Janet Barboza, Brunella Horna and Giselo, but he flatly ruled out giving Ethel a part.

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6.- How much did the engagement rings cost?

The popular “Urraca” explained that the engagement rings of the couple would have cost $3,500.

7.- How much would Tilsa have spent for her wedding?

Magaly Medina also revealed that the former avenger would have spent $78,000 on her marriage, of which $7,000 would be on alcoholic beverages.

8.- Orchestras

The Son Tentación orchestra, who charge 15 thousand soles an hour, will be in charge of making the guests of ‘Tili’ dance. In addition, the former avenger revealed that there will also be an international group but did not disclose who they would be.

9.- They will live in a rented house

Tilsa Lozano revealed that after their marriage they will live in a rented house until together with Jackson Decide where you want to move permanently.

10.- Will they go on their honeymoon?

The former model confessed that they will not have a honeymoon after their marriage, because they both have work matters to fulfill, in addition, that in a few days it is her daughter’s birthday. However, both could travel in January.