Tilsa Lozano nervous hours after her wedding with Jackson Mora: “I want to cry” [VIDEO]

I am in crisis. the avenger Tilsa Lozano married today Friday November 25 with Jackson Mora. A marriage that has been planned for months and is expected to be one of the most impressive this year. However, the model revealed very early that she is too nervous about this important moment that she is even crying.

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The popular ‘Tili’ shared stories on her instagram that worried her entourage of followers and that is that she was baffled right on the date of her marriage to the boxer.

“Friday 6:04 a.m. arrived. You can’t imagine the nerves I have, I couldn’t sleep all night,” he wrote. To later reveal that she is very nervous. “I’ve woken up a thousand times. I’m very nervous, my hands are numb and my belly hurts, I want to cry with emotion,” she said.

Tilsa Lozano thanked those who send them their good vibes for this day. “I don’t want anything and I know those who love me and continue will be happy with me,” she said.

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Tilsa Lozano surprises with a change of look for her marriage

Tilsa Lozano He did not hesitate to change his look a few days after his wedding, so he made it known to the program America Today. From the hairdresser, the former avenger showed part of the process to get the color she wants for her hair. She, as she explained, will be golden blonde.

She indicated that she got bored of being a brunette, and opted to look blonde. “Now I have to go back to try on the dress,” she recounted.