To Miami: my first trip since the start of the pandemic

‘My head is exploding. Even if it’s for four days, let’s go to Miami. ‘ It is the WhatsApp that one morning I send to my son Alexis, almost desperate to feel locked within the geographical limits of the Dominican Republic because of the pandemic. ‘Tell me when’ he replies. And so, in less than two weeks, something unusual for me, I have bought the tickets. Before booking a hotel, my son asks me to change the flight from Monday to Tuesday and extend the stay to five nights. It was a great luck, because precisely that flight on Monday was one of those affected during the chaos of the American Airlines cancellations.

I have been to Miami several times, a city that does not attract my attention, but it has several points of interest that I do not know. I intend to visit them: Cauley Square Historic Village and the Spanish Monastery of Sacramenia are two of them. Also, I feel like staying in the Art Deco District to wander its streets and look at its period buildings. Since I don’t go shopping, I only take a briefcase to go up to the cabin. Five nights are not enough to go shopping. There is also no budget for that purpose. My goal is to energize myself after this stagnation of Covid-19 that has turned our way of life upside down.

We stayed in a three-star establishment, the Fairwinds Hotel, in a spacious room with two queen beds and a bathroom area that looks new, as well as an excellent location (Collins Avenue corner 10th Street), in South Beach, Miami Beach. It begins to get dark when we go to the nearby Ocean Drive, a road of just over two kilometers, one side of which is almost entirely occupied by bars, cafes and vintage hotels, which I intend to look at one by one tomorrow.

Light dinner

We pass by food and drink places, one next to the other and all with very loud music, according to the young people who will be coming shortly. The environment is decorated with Christmas lights on the trunks of the trees. We sat outside on the canopied terrace of The Locust Bar & Restaurant. I order Chicken Tacos. They come accompanied by cheese, hot sauce, bean sauce and plantains. I like them. The shocking thing is to see my outfit: wrapped my back in a pashmina while the girls pass by with theirs uncovered …

Sale of alcohol

Miami Beach, one of the main tourist destinations in the United States, attracts, among others, tourists who, drunk, fight and litter the streets. The residents, in the municipal votes, asked to vote in favor of limiting the sale of alcohol until 2:00 in the morning. The measure is not yet in effect.