Tomás Angulo accepts Giuliana Rengifo’s apology: “It was misguided by the rating vultures”

Tomás Angulo spoke after the statement published by Giuliana Rengifo, where he asserts that he never accused the psychologist of sexual harassment and took the opportunity to publicly apologize for his comments that were misrepresented. In the same way, the popular Angulo used his social networks to leave a message for the singer.

The controversial character had sent a notarized letter to the interpreter for defamation. Given this, Rengifo did not hesitate to retract to avoid legal problems with Angulo.

The psychotherapist wants to forget about the bad time that happened, but he assured that this will already be a precedent and that unfortunately Giuliana Rengifo‘s apologies will have to be saved when at some point one of his patients has doubts of his innocence.

“It is not enough to just tell the truth, it is better to show the cause of the falsehood. I am not a spiteful or vindictive person. I am a person who can understand the reasons that led her to such a lie, ”she began.

It was misguided, by the same rating hunting vultures. I accept your apologies and I hope this stands as a precedent. One cannot speak so lightly of a person who has cared for his honor, his professional image with such care and dedication. But I will have to keep it on my cell phone for every time that someone who is not going to see this statement or will not see the headlines of the press with their apologies, has to show it to prove my innocence, “he added.

Last Monday, November 22, La República had access to the notarial letter that Tomás Angulo sent to Giuliana Regifo for defamation. The document indicated that the singer had a maximum period of 24 hours to withdraw.

“I am writing this letter to you to give you the opportunity, within a period of no more than 24 hours after receiving this notarial letter, to rectify the statements made to the program Amor y fuego on the Willax TV channel, in which when asking about me You literally point out: ‘I took therapy with him and I think he even wanted to go overboard with me,’ “it was stated in the notarial letter.

In the publication where he accepted Giuliana Rengifo’s apologies Thomas Angulo He also mentioned his wife and family for always trusting him.

“Thanks to my wife for trusting me. Always through thick and thin together. Thanks to my family for all your support. Thanks to my friends who without proof trusted me, because they know the kind of person I am. And the truth is greater when the lie runs to hide, “he said.

The therapist filed a defamation complaint against singer Giuliana Rengifo, after the artist accused him of wanting to go overboard with her during one of her therapy sessions.

Throw the stone and hide the hand. My complaint is made”, He said, despite the fact that the artist corrected herself by pointing out that she was not a victim of harassment, but rather that she felt intimidated by his stares. “No one is going to stain my honor or my 24 years as a therapist,” he added was read in the text that accompanied his publication.