Tommy Portugal on Estrella Torres: “I will always support her, we are friends” [ENTREVISTA]

No trouble is made. Tommy Portugal is single after ending his long romance of almost 8 years with Estrella Torres, but this does not mean that both are estranged, that is how he told us.

In conversation EXCLUSIVE with El Popular newspaper, the singer spoke about his ex-partner now that he has just debuted in The Artist of the Year, and surprised by filling her with praise and not ruling out being his reinforcement in the future.

We also asked Tommy Portugal for Estrella Salas’ new romance with model Kevin Salas, and he made it clear how he feels and what he thinks. In addition, he responded to Tony Rosado, who advised him a few days ago to go back with the singer or he would be a “fool.” Oops!

– Regarding these singing programs, your ex-partner Estrella Torres debuted in The Artist of the Year, did you see her?

Yes, of course, actually that day I was singing, but I have seen the repetition, and she is very talented, she sings, dances, acts and also that she is responsible, she puts a lot of punch into what she does, because she loves what she does, then I am I’m sure he will do very well.

– If I called you to support her in The Artist of the Year, would you go?

Of course, I will always support her, we have remained as friends and if they tell me, I am normal, I have no problems.

– Estrella started a new relationship with the model Kevin Salas, what do you think about it?

Actually I have seen it on TV, when I went out with Estrella, but I do not know him personally.

– Do you wish the best for her even though you are not together?

Obviously I always wish him the best, we have been very well, as friends.

– Tony Rosado advised you to go back to Estrella, and he said that if you didn’t you were a fool, do you agree?

(Laughs) Tony is our friend and he has a slightly peculiar sense of humor, but in reality it was a meeting for the saint of a friend, we were meeting several singers, and a shame, right? Because in reality we have been joking with each other, things that should not have come out, but the one who records and hangs everything with that intention is never missing.

– The one who throws them …

Yes, people already take it in a bad way, interpret it or make fun of it, right? That was something private, it was a joke between friends, between us.

– You didn’t take it the wrong way? It was just a joke

Of course not, I am single, focused on my work, Estrella is also with her relationship. I don’t really have in mind right now to get into a relationship again, I want to be focused on my music.

Tommy Portugal happy with possible return of To the bottom there is room

In the same interview with El Popular newspaper, we asked Tommy Portugal Due to the rumors that exist around the presumed return of To the bottom there is room to the small screen next year 2022, and he did not keep anything when remembering that he performed the main song.

The singer made it clear that he would have no problem making a new version of the well-known song. “Enchanted with life. I’m waiting for that, but it no longer depends on me. Or suddenly they continue to use it, because it is a classic,” he told us.