Toño Centella reappears and affirms that he wants to marry his wife Johana Rodríguez as a religious

reappear. The chichero singer Toño Centella reappears in the local media after being focused on his relationship with his wife johana rodriguez and a business that just opened. The artist He feels very happy to have been away from scandals, and he just wants to work hard, because he has just teamed up with some friends to open his disco bar in Carabayllo.

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“I am in a good moment of my life, I am very happy for the work that God gives me, I have just joined some friends and tomorrow (today) we are going to inaugurate our disco bar ‘Amnesia’ in Carabayllo. In addition, I have been chosen as councilor of my district, I have the love of my family and I am away from scandals,” he said at the beginning Tone to the press.

About his wife Johana, the singer affirms that she is the one who has supported him the most in his work and does not rule out marrying her because she is religious, since they are already united in civil marriage: “She supports me in everything, she gives me moral support and each one respects their spaces. We are already married by civil, but we would like to marry in white later. Suddenly we married religiously, I do not rule it out in the medium term, but now we are focused on working, “he added to Trome.

Likewise, Spark regrets that at some point he had to divulge his private life, accepts that he was wrong: “Perhaps the guilty one (of being involved in scandals) was me, for divulging my private life. I did things that I shouldn’t have, we all have the right to make mistakes and I I did it. I was wrong, I recognized it and now I’m happy,” he concluded.

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Toño Centella traveled to New York with Johana Rodríguez: “I came to de-stress a little”

Great commotion has caused the return of the relationship of the chicha singer, Toño centella and his wife, Johanna Rodriguez, who ignore the criticism and are more together than ever. So much so, that now the couple forgets everything that happened and they are on a short ‘honeymoon’ in USA.

I came to de-stress a little, to get out of the routine and enjoy with the family. I brought my two children and my wife Johana, with whom we are very close and happy. In addition, there are people who have found out that I arrived and they are calling me for some presentations, so on the 19th I will be in New Jersey and on the 20th I will go to Miami”, he commented. the singer.

Toño Centella traveled to New York with his wife, Johana Rodríguez.