Totó la Momposina retires from the stage

With a history full of art, experiences, contributions and a legacy for Colombian youth and the world, this icon of traditional music and dance from his country, Colombia, retires with dignity, height and respect.

I met this woman, full of energy, culture, movement and Colombian flavor at the V International Congress on Music, Identity and Culture in the Caribbean (MIC-V), held at the León Center in Santiago de los Caballeros, in 2013.

The theme of that year’s Congress was “Caribbean musical and dance folklore in times of globalization and my presentation was “Fusion of popular dance with Caribbean folk dances, a rhythmic dance mix”.

My presentations have always been theoretical-practical to reaffirm what I expose and to be more educational and dynamic. The dances and dances were gagá, palos or atabales, merengue wild indians, congos, priprí, carabiné, mangulina, bachata, salsa, son danzón, chachachá, plena, cumbia, vallenato, calypso and kompa.

While I was giving my speech, she, on one side of the room, was listening and watching when I was showing the cumbia and she granted me the honor of participating with me in the practical part of the cumbia, which she danced with panache and elegance, a courtesy that I will never forget. .

Totó, even if you retire I will continue admiring you, I feel “touched and inspired” by you. I send my vibes to you and to your family and team as well, because they have managed your retirement with great respect and dignity.

A big hug from a Dominican woman who loves the traditional music of the world.