“Tovar Retrospective”, the world of Iván Tovar at the MAM

The life and work of the deceased genius of surrealism ivan tovar has been exposed for the appreciation of the visitor in the exposureTovar Retrospective”, inaugurated this Tuesday night at the Museum of Modern Art (MOM).

Around 200 works rest on the third level of the museum. From the entrance of the sample, and in a timeline from his birth on March 28, 1942 in the Duarte province, Dominican Republic, until his departure on April 13, 2020, his life and his great moments in the art like that first exposure in Paris, France, in 1966.

The exhibition will be open from April 19 to June 29, 2023.

The inauguration ceremony that brought together important art personalities, including gallery owners, collectors, critics and artists, was headed by the directors of the Foundation ivan tovar: Daniela Tovar, María Castillo, Héctor José Rizek Sued and Yuri Ruiz; Mr. Isaac Rudman for the Volunteering of the Museum of Modern Art.

The Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, Carlos Andújar, General Director of Museums and Federico Fondeur, Director of the Museum of Modern Art.

The inauguration was also attended by the mayoress of Santo Domingo, Carolina Mejía, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ito Bisonó, the administrator of the Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra, the former governor of the Central Bank, Bernardo Vega, among other prominent personalities from national life.

In the museum space you can see the paintings, engravings and small installations that are part of the legacy of the Dominican visual artist considered the great master of art. surrealism in DR.

His academic stage and time in Paris were immortalized in valuable small and large-format drawings and paintings.

The show features works that were created in his workshops in Santo Domingo, Haina, Jarabacoa and, finally, in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

“Tovar Retrospective”, the world of Iván Tovar at the MAMhttps://resources.diariolibre.com/images/2023/04/19/un-reloj-de-pared-azul-d75ae34b.jpg

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Work Françoise (1967, Paris). (FELIX LEON)

Tovar Retrospective” is the first great example of the maestro’s legacy ivan tovarwhich was preceded in 2022 by the exhibition of “Sketches of the Family” in the Museum of the Royal Houses and the exposure immersive “Tovar Surrealism Alive”, which reached more than 75,000 spectators during its exhibition in the Plaza de España in the Colonial City.

They value legacy

“Tovar Retrospective”, the world of Iván Tovar at the MAMhttps://resources.diariolibre.com/images/2023/04/19/grupo-de-personas-posing-for-a-photo-921d5471.jpg

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Héctor José Rizek, Marianne de Tolentino, Betty de Rudman, Bethania de Rizek, Milagros Germán and Isaac Rudman.

In the words of greeting, the personalities reiterated their gratitude because a exposure of this magnitude was carried out and this was achieved with the support of many people impacted by the career of the deceased artist.

The Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, highlighted the work of the Foundation’s board of directors ivan tovar, from MAM and all those involved to bring together important pieces by Tovar in a unique exhibition. “We return to the work of this universal artist and ours,” says Germán.

Daniela Tovarpresident of the Foundation ivan tovar and only daughter of the artist, could not hide her emotion during her speech at the opening.

“What seemed like an impossible project due to its complexity and the little time we had has turned into a beautiful reality of which we feel infinitely proud. I know that my father and grandmother are proud from heaven,” he said with a broken voice.

Isaac Rudman, from the MAM Volunteer Service, reviewed the trajectory of ivan tovarof the admiration of his work in Europe, the return to his homeland and stressed the importance of this exposure.

It is important to carry out this sample so that the new generations know the work of Tovar. It was an honor to have had the artist’s friendship. I invite you to enter a unique world, the one that led us ivan tovar“, were his words.

Héctor José Rizek, director of the foundation, proudly highlighted that “we are taking a step forward to navigate the surrealism from Ivan. See ourselves once again in the mirrors of each of his pieces. Being in front of the original work as Iván was”.

“Tovar Retrospective”, the world of Iván Tovar at the MAMhttps://resources.diariolibre.com/images/2023/04/19/a-person-standing-in-front-of-a-mirror-on-the-wall-1e2fcb35.jpg


Level three of the Museum of Modern Art has become the world of Iván Tovar. (FELIX LEON)

Critic, curator, and director of the National Gallery of Fine Arts, Marianne de Tolentinodeclared to Diario Libre that it is the exposure retrospective of a Dominican artist “the most important, most extensive that has been presented in the country, in all time”.

While looking at a piece, he continued: “I think it is incomparable, not only in the number of works, but for the historical context, since Iván began to paint until his last works. It is an immense work.”

The event culminated with a tour of the exposure retrospective and a cocktail for the guests.

“Tovar Retrospective” will be open from April 19 to June 29, 2023 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Other details

ivan tovar He is considered the most valued Dominican artist, achieving on May 18, 2020, reaching two hundred and fifty thousand dollars (US$250,000) at Sotheby’s with the sale of the work “La Menace”.

And, on June 1, 2022, his piece “L’hermaphrodite double” set a new record by being sold for €529,800 (five hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred euros).

In 2018 Tovar was recognized with the National Visual Arts Award by the nation’s Ministry of Culture.

Dozens of collectors, dilettantes, relatives and friends gave as a loan. The curatorship and museography was made up of Orlando Isaac, Ana Agelán and Raúl Morilla, under the artistic direction of María Castillo and the general coordination of Carol Félix.

The art restorer and conservator, Simona Cappelli, took great care in cataloging the work of ivan tovar. He had the support of the photographers Mariano Hernández and Quico Valenzuela for the reproduction of the pieces in the technical sheets.

The art historian, Lilian Carrasco, has been in charge of the documentary part with the support of Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo as research advisor.

Olga Valdés and Cynthia Ventura have worked in graphic design, under the guidance of Orlando Isaac, while Eloísa Betancourt is in charge of the educational program that will accompany the exhibition.

“I think it is the most important, most extensive retrospective exhibition of a Dominican artist that has been presented in the country, in all time” Marianne de Tolentino Art critic and director of the N. Gallery of Visual Arts