Toxic Crow denounces that supposed thief of mirrors is already at liberty: “I am going to have to leave the DR permanently”

After being cited by the Public Ministry for hitting an alleged thief, the urban artist Toxic Crow said that said subject has already been released.

Toxic Crow said it will leave the Dominican Republic for a safer country where there is no “double standard.”

“Unfortunately I am going to have to leave the Dominican Republic permanently with my whole family and live in a safer country where there is not so much double standards and the security, integrity and tranquility of a citizen who has only been an example is respected. for youth. But don’t worry, time and facts will prove me right, “he said on his Instagram account.

The urban interpreter posted a video of one of the parking lots of his building where two individuals are seen removing the rear view mirrors of the vehicles that were in the place.

“This lawyer who is there inside my building is the honorable intellect of my case for which they demonized me because what I should have done was to congratulate this fact and feel proud of these thefts and that he penetrates the security of my buildings and takes I borrowed several mirrors from my tenants’ vehicles ”, explained the artist.

And he said: “From now on we will publicly congratulate the thieves for their great behavior and for their great achievement and good example to Dominican society.”

A few days ago a video went viral where the singer gave a young man “a fight” while he was tied up.

The celebrity media published that the man who was hit by the Toxic Crow was Haitian, but the interpreter denied it.

“This individual dismantled 9 cars in one of my buildings and has had more than 40 robberies throughout the Corales del Sur sector. The neighborhood council can no longer take this. He submitted to the police for more than 30 robberies of mirrors and pieces of cars and perpetrating in multiple homes by force, but it is already in the hands of the National Police. Note: this unscrupulous person is not of Haitian nationality as the yellow presses have meant, “he explained.

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