Toxic Crow, “unsurpassed” in events against criminals

There are several events in which Toxic Crow has come across crime head-on. The urban artist has been the victim of several robberies and robberies inside and outside the country.

Recently “The parrot machine” has been a trend after a video went viral where he gave a “pela” to an alleged thief of mirrors, who was a repeat offender in the buildings owned by the artist.

After this situation Toxic Crow was summoned by the Public Ministry for the pertinent investigations, where he apologized for his behavior and urged people to follow up on their complaints.

“I apologize publicly with what happened and what I urge the people to always follow up on those arrested so that the process is finished, they have to follow up with the Public Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office,” said the singer.

Previously, La Insuperable’s husband said that he would have to take the measure of going to live outside the Dominican Republic in a safer country where “double standards” do not exist.

“Unfortunately I am going to have to leave the Dominican Republic permanently with my whole family and live in a safer country where there is not so much double standards and the security, integrity and tranquility of a citizen who has only been an example is respected. for youth. But don’t worry, time and facts will prove me right, “he said on his Instagram account.

However, he later retracted and explained that “sometimes you say things that you later regret and I am Dominican and pro Dominican, so I have all the investments in my country.”

Heist in New York

In 2018, the interpreter of “La moda” was also a victim of crime, but this time in New York.

Both Toxic Crow and La Insuperable and the singer’s brother, the urban exponent Danny Punto Rojo, were assaulted by unknown persons aboard a vehicle.

In the act, his brother was shot in the shoulder and nearly “killed his wife” in the Bronx, New York. A video showed how the alleged assailants attack the artists’ vehicle in the middle of the street.

According to what they said at the time, the incident happened in the Bronx when they were leaving a hairdresser and were chased by helmets in the middle of the city.

After the robbery, the singers chased the thieves concluding with a movie chase and the criminals fleeing.

A year later, Toxic Crow reported that it recovered the clothes that were stolen in the heist: “It’s incredible. I didn’t think they were going to get all my clothes back. Those of Danny Red Point could not be recovered. I want to thank the United States Police Department, Steven, the detective who was in charge of handling the case and always following up on me, ”he said at the time.

Luis Enrique Caonabo Mesa, the artist’s first name, said that the three chains that were taken from him returned to his hands; one with a Versace medal, another Rolex brand and a heavier one.

Thief enters your house

In 2016, the singer offered 50 thousand pesos as a reward for anyone who helped him identify the thief who entered his home and carried various belongings.

The artist published on his social networks images of the security cameras at a time when the alleged thief broke the bars of a window and then collected objects inside the house.

A day later the subject was arrested and Toxic Crow took a photograph with him.

“I am the toxic, thieves do not last 24 hours for me to wield it, not with me that my artist clothes I hooked at once and I put on the tiguere and move the world in a second. Mission accomplished, tough hands on criminals. Thank God first, Thanks to my friends from the Dicrim who supported me and helped me in the persecution, police Capotillo and Suero, thanks to the prosecution and thanks to all my fans and colleagues who joined my tituaaa problem, “he wrote on Instagram .