Toxic Crow warning following release of alleged mirror thief

Over the weekend, the urban interpreter Luis Enrique Caonabo Mesa, better known as Toxic Crow, became a national trend on social networks after leaking a video where he is seen hitting a man on the floor with a leash and Tied by the hands. Supposedly he was a thief.

In response, the artist made a publication on his Instagram account where he related that the man, whom he did not identify, had dismantled nine vehicles in one of the buildings he owns and that in the Corales del Sur sector he had already stolen parts from more than 40 cars.

After being summoned by the Public Ministry, the rapper said that after handing him over to the authorities, the subject has already been released.

Due to this situation, Toxic Crow warned that it will go from the Dominican Republic to a safer country where there is no “double standard”.

“Unfortunately I am going to have to leave the Dominican Republic permanently with my whole family and live in a safer country, where there is not so much double standards and the security, integrity and tranquility of a citizen who has only been a example for youth. But don’t worry, time and facts will prove me right, “he said on his Instagram account.