Tragedy in Colombia: lightning kills 5 people and leaves more than 10 injured during a bingo game

Five people died and more than 10 were injured after a lightning strike in the department of Cauca, Colombia. In accordance with Carlos candlemayor of the municipality of the tambothe victims were gathered playing bingo on the sidewalk long hillwhile a community event was taking place.

The natural phenomenon, which generated chaos and despair on the afternoon of last Saturday the 15th, mobilized fire units in the area, which attended to those affected. As the media learned YourBoatthe people who presented minor injuries were transferred to the El Tambo hospital and those with a more serious condition to Popayan.

Most of the wounded were taken to the El Tambo hospital. Photo: The Informative

Preliminary information says that all the fatalities would be adults, but among the injured there would be minors. “We regret what happened. To the family, our condolences. We are speechless, because it is something we did not expect,” said the president of the Community Action Board of the Loma Larga village.

Four days ago, in the city of Popayán, a 17-year-old boy lost his life when he was struck by lightning, making this the second case registered in less than a week, in the department of Cauca.