Trainer behind Jossmery Toledo’s voice change was sanctioned for the use of anabolics

Attention! The former sub-officer of the PNP, Jossmery Toledo, is far from the small screen and in recent days she has caused a stir due to the radical change in her voice now that she is practicing bodybuilding. Now it was announced that the person responsible for this act would have been sanctioned.

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After her notable changes in the way of speaking, the model was interviewed by the cameras of Magaly TV The Firmand confirmed that all the supplements she takes, such as Winstrol, were prescribed by her personal trainer, Isabel Carmelo.

However, these substances would be anabolic, which have been on everyone’s lips for a few years when it was discovered that reality boys used them in Esto es guerra and Combate. They are colloquially known as ‘Pichicata’, and would be the new favorites of Jossmery Toledo.

In this regard, Magaly Medina and her team conducted an investigation, where they determined that Elizabeth Carmel she would not be able to prescribe these drugs for bodybuilding since her records show that she was suspended from the international association of bodybuilding for 4 years precisely for using them

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Who is Jossmery Toledo and what is he doing today?

Jossmery Toledo is one of the television figures who rose to fame thanks to TikTok. As a non-commissioned officer, she made a clip on the uniform of the Peruvian National Police and became known nationwide. This led her to resign from the institution, which opened a disciplinary process for allegedly misusing her clothing.

Once she requested her retirement and it was granted, the young woman was linked to Franco Chiesa, “Zancudito” Olivares and Fabio Agostini. She later began a sentimental relationship with Jean Dezawith whom he came to live and they had an affair for almost a year that ended amid complaints of verbal and physical aggression.

In addition, Jossmery Toledo she came to participate in Reinas del Show, and then she was called to be part of This is wara reality show in which she was for approximately two months, until she was eliminated along with Gabriela Herrera. Since then she has not been on TV and has dedicated herself to traveling, being an influencer and practicing bodybuilding.