Trapeze artist dies after falling 9 meters into the void during show: her husband could not hold her

Tragic. A Chinese trapeze artist died spectacularly after falling from a height of 9 meters while performing a function with her husband, who failed to hold her in the middle of a stunt. Both artists did not use belts or harnesses as safety measures because, according to them, they wanted to look “better aesthetically”.

In the viral videos, the woman can be seen clinging to her spouse, who, holding onto two pieces of cloth, slowly climbs nearly 9 meters. Immediately afterwards, the woman tries to hang from her neck, but she slips and falls into the void without the acrobat being able to hold her with her legs.

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After the resounding accident, the spectators began to scream and the event was immediately cancelled. The female, identified with the surname Sun, was transferred to a care center in the city of Suzhou, in the central province of Anhui.

Despite the efforts of the doctors to save her life, the acrobat woman died shortly after admission. Sun and her husband, surnamed Zhang, have been married for 10 years and have two children.

“We were always happy together. As I am in the middle of the process of dealing with all of this, I cannot reveal any specific details at this time,” the victim’s partner told The Mirror.

Sun Moumoy and her husband, Zhang, had held events together for years. Photo: BBC

They criticize the little supervision of circuses in the country

This terrible accident has caused great astonishment among Chinese citizens, who questioned their authorities for the lack of supervision in circuses in the country. They criticized the lack of security measures that exist in the shows of each artist.

The local Department of Culture and Tourism indicated that the company that hired the couple of acrobats, Anhui Yaxi Performing Art Mediadid not have the necessary approval to proceed with the act in the first place and “will be treated accordingly.”

Likewise, videos of other shows were revealed in which the same company boasted of carrying out more risky performances without the pertinent security measures with the sole objective of generating “more money”.

According to the local newspaper The Global Times, the entertainment company, created in 2018, was fined 50,000 yuan ($7,280) for performing a show without the required authorizations in Bozhou, Anhui, in March 2021.