tremendous rock! Was Ana Paula Consorte engaged to Paolo Guerrero?: Anillazo turns on the alarms

Marriage in sight? This weekend, the Brazilian model Ana Paula Consorte spent with her family and shared photos on her social networks, however, one of the snapshots that drew attention was where she can be seen wearing a tremendous ring in her hand while giving her the bottle feeding her baby, son of Paolo Guerrero.

The ring that the Brazilian has Anne Paul Consort immediately caught the eye of locals and strangers, because it is really big, because the conductors of ‘Love and Fire, Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter They did not rule out the possibility of a marriage in the offing. “So in record time, as he fell out of love with Alondra, he fell in love with Ana Paula,” said Peluchín.

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“That bottle holder so that they can see the ring,” he added Rodrigo Gonzalez, who even limited: “That son did not come with a piece of bread under his arm, but with a ring under his arm. In seven months he advanced what he did not do with Alondra in eight years”, generating the laughter of more than one on set . But Gigi Miter made it clear that Alondra Garcia Miro He doesn’t waste time either, because he has a partner.

The truth is that none of those involved, that is, Paolo Guerrero and Ana Paula Consorte They have confirmed that they are engaged and would marry. The only thing that is known now is that the beautiful Brazilian model is that she has in her possession this ring that does not go unnoticed when she has it in her hand.

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Ana Paula Consorte walks with her baby

After 12 days of giving birth, the model Ana Paula Consorte decided to take a photo carrying her baby, also the son of Paolo Guerrero, and with her eldest daughter. She was also accompanied by her parents, who came from Brazil to accompany her these days.

The truth is that the father of Ana Paula Consorte He was very enthusiastic about the family day that they were going to spend at the girl’s school, because he even brought a basket with a snack for all the members and the mother of the Brazilian model also posed for the photographs.