Tremor in Lima: Exitosa journalist panics and leaves his partner alone on set

The strong tremor in Lima It surprised many citizens and television hosts were not unaware of the reactions to the 5.6 magnitude earthquake. The Exitosa journalist Giovanna Díaz could not control with her nerves before the earthquake registered this morning of January 7 and left the television set leaving her partner, Manuel Rosas, alone in the driving.

The communicator was surprised as soon as she felt that Lima was shaking. After that, he gave a slight smile as a result of his nervousness, but when he noticed that the movement was getting stronger, he panicked, removed his headphones and ran off the set of Exitosa.

On the other hand, the journalist Manuel Rosas tried to calm his partner, but it was too late. “For a while, there is a very strong shaking at this time, very, very strong, calm down because it is very strong. This is an earthquake that probably exceeds level 6 for a long time, Giovanna calm down, everybody calm down, it is a very delicate situation “ express.

After seeing the reaction of Giovanna Díaz, the communicator continued in front of the conduction of the program; however, he advised listeners to remain calm. “It is a very strong situation, perhaps the strongest in recent times, everyone keep calm. At home please, find the safe place, stay there, it has been the strongest shake we have had in recent times, “he concluded.

The reality girl had a hard time during the 5.6 earthquake registered this morning in the city of Lima. Flavia Laos used her social networks to detail that she went out without clothes and her mother had to cover her with a blanket. “I ended up on the track without clothes, and my mother covering me, I trembling with my heart in my mouth because tremors scare me too much.”