Tula celebrated her daughter’s birthday with the EBT team even with her producer: “My family”

A special moment. Television host Tula Rodríguez was extremely excited to celebrate her daughter Valentina’s 13th birthday with her loved ones and friends. He even invited his colleagues from En boca de todos.

As we remember this Tuesday, November 23, in the latest edition of the America Television At noon, the actress also burst into tears by sending a special greeting to her teenage daughter for her emotional birthday to all viewers.

“I love you to infinity and beyond. My little one … I don’t want her to grow up anymore, but it is part of life, she is officially a teenager, but for me she will always be my baby, today there will only be two of us, but We will always have your daddy in our hearts, I love you with passion and madness, princess, today you will have a wonderful day that I will take care of “, said.

Now, Tula Rodríguez used her official Instagram account to share details of the celebration of Valentina’s 13 years. However, what drew the most attention is that his companions from En boca de todos were not lacking at the party, including his producer Marco Díaz came to his apartment.

“They are already part of my family”, The television host wrote in a story on her social network where Maju Mantilla, Gino Pesaressi, Ricardo Rondón are appreciated, Marianita and the show’s producer.

Tula Rodríguez did not want to reveal how many lovers she had at EBT

The television host Tula Rodríguez went through an uncomfortable moment live after being questioned by Gino Assereto about her sentimental ex-partners in the last edition of the program On everyone’s lips. The presenter was shocked when she heard Gino Assereto ask her about her lovers: “Tulita, how many lovers have you had?” I ask.

In this regard, the actress managed to laugh and at first did not want to reveal the truth for her daughter: “Listen to me, My daughter is going to turn 13 next week and I have only had two… No, no, I have had partners. Nor I have had not one, not two, not three, I have had several I will not deny until the right one arrived and I stayed with him, “he said.