Tula Rodríguez is upset LIVE with the production of María Pía for a joke about her widowhood: “It’s a bad joke”

“Send whoever’s in charge” had Viviana Rivasplata, Laura Borlini, Leslie Shaw and Tula Rodríguez as guests on its television set; However, it was with the latter that they had a particular moment after she did not tolerate one of the sentences they had prepared, because she had to do with her widowhood.

Before the cameras of the magazine that broadcasts america television in the evenings, Rodriguez was outraged in the middle of the program with the production team that has Maria Pia Copello and Carlos Vilchez because the message they put on the screens did not seem appropriate.

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It was this April 19 that all those who were present talked about the love stages they are in, since they had one who was single, another married, someone divorced and of course, tulla He was the one who occupied the row of the widowed person, expressing his annoyance after the sentence that they projected and he had to comment.

“The widow is the only one who knows for certain who her husband is,” was what they projected. Given this, tula rodriguez He maintained: “Oh! What is that? How horrible! You know what? What a joke for more ugly and strong, how are you going to say that I am the only one? Obviously he is no longer in this plane, he is not in this world, whatever you want to believe, how ugly your joke Marco Díaz”.

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Tula Rodríguez in no hurry to fall in love again

In an interview she had, Tula Rodríguez revealed that she is not in a hurry to find love and, although she does not close the doors, she is aware that the moment may come unexpectedly.

“They always ask about the subject of love, I really don’t know what could happen tomorrow or the day after. I would like to fall in love, but I do not despair if it does not happen, that (love) is not sought, it comes by itself, “he initially commented Rodriguez.

Next, the cheerleader also maintained that her father suggests she go out and be distracted by new people or her closest friends, perhaps thinking that she can find a person who “steals her gaze.”

“He told me to have a partner, that my daughter is going to grow up and leave the house. Which is true, but sometimes I’m even lazy to go out, I’ve become more of a homebody,” said the TV presenter.