Tula Rodríguez sang and danced excitedly after animating a private event: “Happy to work” [VIDEO]

Focused on her work. The popular television presenter tula rodriguez has been in the middle of the eye of the storm after Magaly Medina’s revelations about Gisela Valcarcel that would have affected her. However, this weekend the public figure used her social networks to show that she is happy when she has work events.

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As is known, the former dancer He has shown that he does not hide what he feels and expresses his opinions without mincing words. For this reason, this time, the also actress decided to share how well she had a private event which she had to animate and she was accompanied by well-known Peruvian orchestras.

Through his official Instagram account, tula rodriguez He published some videos where he can be seen dancing and singing next to the group of Othniel Rios. “Today it’s an event… private event. Happy to work,” reads his stories.

On the other hand, the host of En boca de Todos left many in shock after Valeria Piazza hinted that she would have a gallant who will be known on her wedding day because apparently he will accompany her.

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Tula confesses LIVE how she feels amid Gisela’s words: “I’m not fine today”

The television host Tula Rodríguez is in a rather complicated situation after Magaly Medina revealed LIVE that Gisela Valcárcel told her about her relationship with Javier Carmona. However, the public figure told LIVE that she did not feel emotionally well, surprising more than one.

tula rodriguez Together with Maju Mantilla they started the program dancing to the song “Let them say what they want about me”, which was taken with a hint. Later, the driver confessed how she felt. “I’m not okay today,” she said at first in front of her classmates.