Tula Rodríguez’s reaction when her daughter found her vedette thongs: “She was a little flirtatious”

The television presenter Tula Rodríguez and her daughter Valentina, the result of her relationship with javier carmonaThey had an epic moment when her conceited girl found a mysterious suitcase at her house, which, when she opened it, found her mother’s thongs at the time when she was a renowned star. The reaction of the former presenter of On everyone’s lips It was quite funny, because her long-awaited past came back to her.

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“They are ostrich feathers,” said her daughter when she saw one of the garments. “Why did your mom wear feathers and sequins? My love,” said “Peludita.”

“One two and three”, they counted to open this suitcase where there were more ‘thongs’ of various designs and colors. “My thongs, my God, from Alianza Lima, my daughter, your mother liked soccer. My daughter, your mother was a little flirtatious,” she said while she did not stop laughing at the impression of the little girl.

“What is this?” Valentina said in astonishment as she took one of her clothes that did not cover anything. “A daughter thong. What a shame. No, no shame, a lot of honor,” she highlighted. “Look at my titty how she covered herself with the sequins,” she said, very excited and laughing.

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