Twins experience the same symptoms of cancer, although only one has it: “It’s so strange”

Despite not having the disease, Meghan Walkera 16-year-old American, began suffering from cancer symptoms after her twin sister, named sophiewas diagnosed in 2017 with a Wilms tumor, a type of kidney cancer with which she continues to fight.

Sophie Walker She was diagnosed with cancer when she was around 10 years old after being treated for cramps similar to those of a stomach virus in 2017 and, since that year, she has continued to fight the disease that has caused her relapse four times.

Days after the diagnosis, her twin sister, Meghan, began to experience similar symptoms, such as stomach and back pain, paleness, and weight loss.

Sophie and Megan Walker have been accompanying each other in the evolution of the disease of one of them. Photo: TikTok @walkerfamily

Rebecca Walker, mother of the adolescents, has mentioned that all the tests have been done on her other twin and the disease has been ruled out.

“All the tests have been done, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s so weird,” Rebecca said.

Sophie underwent 27 weeks of chemotherapy in the city of Edinburgh, in Scotland, and went into remission until in January 2020 when doctors discovered, through an MRI, that something was wrong with his body.

“We went to get Sophie checked out one day, and the consultant said the results were ‘not good,’ and she started crying,” Rebecca said. “Sophie saw the look on her face and just broke down, for the first time in six years,” she added.

According to the specialists, the needle inserted into the initial tumor with which the biopsy broke off and spread cancer cells that were located in the spine of the young woman, for which they had to undergo another three weeks of radiotherapy.

What is Sophie’s current state of health?

After a relapse in December 2021 and a remission in December 2022, Sophie relapsed again this 2023. Her parents said that, in six years of struggle, this is the first time that their daughter has collapsed. “They told me to take her and make memories, as long as she is well enough,” Rebecca told local media.

Sophie Walker was diagnosed with cancer when she was 10 years old. Photo: Rebecca Walker GoFundMe

Sophie is expected to have surgery very soon for a tumor located in her spine. While at the same time, she continues to battle anxiety and depression. For her part, Meghan says she feels the same way as her twin sister.

“Meghan just can’t settle if Sophie isn’t there. We have a big family and everyone looks out for each other, but Megan has been struggling a lot,” Rebecca concluded.

Sophie and Meghan have eight siblings, James (20), Emily (19), Ruthie (17), Daniel (13), Olivia (11), Emma (9), Nathan (8) and Evan (8 months).