Two pitbulls kill a 5-month-old baby and his two-year-old sister in front of their mother in the garden of their house [FOTO]

News of ‘dangerous’ dog attacks is on the rise. This is the recent case of two pitbull breed pets that killed a baby and her little sister in front of her mother, who ended up with hundreds of stitches on her body and face for trying to defend them.

The 30-year-old woman is in stable condition after trying to push her children away when they were attacked by her two pit bulls last Thursday. Kristie Jane Bennard he was left with “hundreds of stitches and bite marks all over his body.”

While Hollace Deanand her 2-year-old sister, LillyJanedied instantly on the lawn of their home, according to a Twitter post by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Shelbyin Tennessee, USA.

So far the details of how the attack took place are unclear. According to the report, the incident lasted about 10 minutes. Gibson also said that “Bennard’s arms and legs are completely bandaged.”

“So far there seems to be no permanent damage other than a heart that will never heal,” Jeff Gibson, the husband’s uncle, wrote. Colby Bennard, on Facebook. Likewise, he also said that the pets were euthanized.

Pets, Cheech and Miawere part of the family for more than eight years without violent incidents, said Kelsey Canfield, Bennard’s best friend, to Fox News Digital. Finally, experts indicate that to raise this type of dog breeds, it must be done from an early age, be firm and not see episodes of violence of any kind.