Uchulú reappears in ‘El Reventonazo de la Chola’ after a complaint and Ernesto Pimentel supports her: “Welcome”

After “Uchulú” publicly denounced having suffered a sexual attack in the space of “El Reventonazo de la Chola”, the comic actress reappeared on March 18 on the set of America TV Next to the Chola Chabuca, with whom she talked about what happened and thanked her for the support she has received for her and the entire team at all times. This time, she talked about the reason for her departure from the show. How did she react when she saw Ernesto Pimentel face to face?

how do you rememberEtz Wong, popularly known as “Uchulú” caused great concern by telling his followers that he would have suffered a sexual assault years ago in the Chola Chabuca comedy program, even revealing that a singer was the one who made her feel uncomfortable. Her uncovering generated various comments, even Ernesto Pimentel came out in front of her to give her support, but also asked her to clarify the issue because it was very delicate.

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After putting ‘cold cloths’ and commenting that the subject was misrepresented, ‘La Uchulu‘ reappeared on the program and received the support of all the workers, especially the Chola Chabuca, who invited her for a fun sketch. “We learned to love her and get to know her, for me it is a pleasure to welcome her, Uchulú,” the driver of said program began. “Thank you cholita, thank you for the invitation to be here as well (…)”, the redhead replied.

For her part, the Chola Chabuca He commented on how Uchulú began to work with the entire team in 2021 and 2022, but later she told him that she had personal problems: “Yes, at that time I was going through a personal problem with myself, with my head, and I was emotionally like this (wrong), that’s why I decided to step aside in many things,” said the artist who returned to the small screen.

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Uchulú confesses that he lived through difficult times and that’s why he withdrew from TV

In another moment of the conversation with Chola Chabuca, Uchulú told why she left the comedy program and her social networks in a difficult moment that she lived. “I stopped on social networks, from television, my mental health was messed up, the issue that my privacy and the things I wanted with the people who were at that time, all that left, it collapsed and I felt that I wanted to stop, I wanted peace of mind, to be alone and rest (…)”, she said.

Before his statements, Ernesto Pimentel commented on why he accepted his decision. “I validate the desire of people, their struggle to be happy and if you appreciate or appreciate a person, you have to respect their pain and their distance, and that’s what we did,” he said.