UFC 267: Hasbullah’s ‘little’ UFC fight that went unseen and went viral

UFC 267, the great event of the most famous mixed martial arts company in the world, was a real success. Abu Dhabi was witness to one of the best cards of the year and, without a doubt, the public vibrated from beginning to end with very good fights. However, a peculiar event occurred that went viral in the social networks.

Through Twitter, a funny recording was released in which Hasbullah, a young man who looks like a child due to a generic birth alteration, arguing heatedly with a small person with oriental features.

While the people around these two ‘little’ celebrities were laughing at this incident, it all got out of hand when they challenged Hasbullah to fight in the middle of the public.

The young man recognized in Middle East He did not ‘wrinkle’ and walked towards his adversary. Despite being separated by a coach, he kicked him in the chest and showed him his fists as if daring him to show which of them was the strongest.

This altercation was captured and disseminated by social networks, becoming one of the videos with the most reproductions in relation to UFC 267. It is worth mentioning that Dana White, president of the American company, personally invited to the event Hasbullah through a history of Instagram.

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