Ukraine: Interior Minister and 15 Others Killed in kyiv Helicopter Crash

This Wednesday a tragedy occurred in kyiv, Ukraine. The Minister of the Interior, Denys Monastyrsky; his first deputy minister, Yevhen Jenin; his secretary of state, Yuri LubkovichY 13 other peopleincluding several minors, died when the helicopter in which the first three were traveling fell into a nursery located east of kyiv.

According to authorities, 9 people died when the helicopter went down near the suburb of Brovary and another 7 died on the ground, including three children.

Monastyrsky was the most prominent member of the president Volodimir Zelensky forks considered the highest-profile fatality to die in Ukraine since the war began following the invasion of Russia in February 2022.

According to the statements of the deputy head of the presidential office of Ukraine, Kyrylo TymoshenkoMonastyrsky was heading to a “hot spot” of the war when the helicopter crashed.

So far, the exact reasons for the accident have not been defined. Despite this, some witnesses believe that it would be part of the war. “It was very foggy and there was no electricity, and when there is no electricity, there are no lights in the buildings,” a resident of the area, identified as Volodymyr.

Reports in Ukraine indicate that six ministry officials and three crew members were also on board the helicopter.