Uncommon wishes

In this opportunity I do not want to wish you health, peace, love, abundance … I rather want to suggest that we work for it. May we do whatever it takes to make those wishes come true. That we do not leave everything to God. Let’s appeal to the effective phrase: “Help yourself, I’ll help you.” Ultimately, it is up to us to achieve these goals. What is the use of asking, for example, for health from the Lord, if in times of pandemic we do not put on a mask, do not keep our distance and ignore other sanitary measures. Today I invite you to visit a fabulous city where the inhabitants work together with the Almighty to see all their wishes come true.

What they do for health

In that fabulous place they are “geeks” with health. They know that all the things they do in life depend on it. There they take care of each other. Since they announced that there would be a pandemic in the world due to the presence of Covid-19, they were the first to take action. Yes, measures that were fully complied with. With masks, washed hands, distance meters, quarantine, teleworking, no crowds and, above all, supplying medicines, hospital equipment and medical training, they have managed to cope with the attacks and mutations of a virus that is here to stay. That has helped them become the city with the fewest coronavirus cases and deaths. Other health situations also have effective responses in this fabulous city.

How do they get peace

The tranquility reigns in this place. The phrase of Benito Juárez: “Respect for the rights of others is peace”, is an emblem among the residents. As they are very clear about this, they avoid arguments, violence, aggressiveness and, more than that, they try to safeguard the principles and values ​​learned at home and at school so that nothing and no one disturbs their peace. Consensus, tolerance and brotherhood are the tripod that guarantees that peace.

To achieve love

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” They are that simple in this fabulous city. This second commandment ensures that the first, “Love God above all things,” is more learned. So, here they find the reason to give themselves to others, not to hurt anyone and to establish a good relationship, be it family, friendship or love.

And what about abundance?

In this fabulous city they do not look at this term with two dollar signs in their eyes. They ask the Lord for abundance and they work for it, but in every sense of the word. They want health, peace and abundant love because they know that when they have all this, it is only a matter of working honestly to bring bread to the house, have a good academic education, build a house and have economic development. Because ultimately, you have to ask God, but you have to work for what you want to achieve.