University awaits the nationalization of Alberto Quintero for a new striker to arrive

The leadership of Sports University continues to finalize details to close the squad of the cream team for the 2022 season of League 1 and the previous phase of the Copa Libertadores. Although they have the almost complete roster thanks to the three incorporations they made in recent weeks (Ángel Cayetano, Alfonso Barco and Joao Villamarín), the technical command would be hoping to free a foreigner quota with the nationalization of Alberto quintero.

“The Quintero thing is very close. We are trying to make this walk faster. It is an issue that no longer depends on us so much, so in that sense we have set a deadline, Wednesday of next week, because we also have a deadline for the registration issue, knowing that I would have to play the first date “, mentioned the University administrator in conversation with Justice for the U.

Likewise, the cream leader pointed out that in case of the release of the quota by the Panamanian, they would be analyzing bringing one more player to the merengue squad. “If Quintero happens, the possibility of one more quota opens and Yes we would be looking at the possibility of bringing one more striker. In the event that Quintero does not happen, there is the issue, with some variant that may arise along the way, but there is still nothing defined, “he said.

When asked about the postponement of the Night Cream Ferrari, he assured that this event will take place before the tournament starts, but first they have to ensure the health of the workers.

“We want to do the Night Cream prior to the start of the tournament. We do not have a tentative date, but we will see how the issue of infections is moving. We have to ensure the health of our workers, “he said.

From University they hope that the tournament will be postponed for a few weeks due to the cases present in the campus and the wave in different teams in the country. “We don’t know if the FPF is going to postpone the start of the tournament, maybe if it moves to February. We don’t know anything but nWe are going to request that it be postponed because positive cases worry us”He declared.