University of Sports lost again and the title looks at it from afar

“98 years have passed and we continue to grow on the foundations that we inherited from our ancestors, a history that is capable of everything, full of workers determined to continue building the history of the largest club in Peru,” read the video prepared by Universitario de Deportes to commemorate its 98 years of institutional life. The publication was very well received on social networks and it made sense that it was like this: facing the duel against Cienciano in the suffocating heights of Cusco, Carlos Compagnucci and all the merengue people placed their faith in a group of workers, ready to throw themselves in the face for the interests of the ‘U’.

In this framework, the eleven cream warriors who went out to the field of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Stadium they complied I would even say that beyond expectation, considering that they came from two consecutive defeats (vs. César Vallejo in Trujillo and Deportivo Municipal in the Monumental). Unfortunately, the ‘claw’ —a word linked to the identity of Universitario— is not always enough. The effort is not enough. Throwing yourself in the face and leaving your skin on the field does not guarantee goals, much less victory.

And so the ‘U’ competed with Scienceno he fought every ball to the end, pushed in every way the rules allow. He finished off up close, from a distance, he crossed, he headed. He even crashed two shots into the crossbar and another was saved on the line by the Cusco defense. Everything, but nothing was enough to avoid a 1-0 loss at the hands of the team led by César Vigevani, who, thanks to the narrow victory, today are first in the table of the Closing Tournament (14 points) and third in the aggregate (46 points and +19 goal difference).

“It’s been happening to us often. We feel that we are a little unlucky when the ball stays on the line and does not enter. We’re going to keep fighting. We are a short team. We know what we have to do. When he hits the post, on the line, what are we going to do? Things are like this, we’re still going to keep fighting. This is the ‘U’. We don’t shrink. We fought until the end”, declared Alexander Succar frustrated at the end of the match. The discomfort has a main foundation: Universitario has three games in a row without converting. In other words, since alex valera ceased to be considered. The ‘U’ closed its 98th anniversary in the ninth position of the accumulated, outside the international competition zone. Cienciano, on the other hand, smiles.

Atlético Grau was the other big winner on Sunday’s sixth day of the Clausura Tournament. In stoppage time (90+3′), Daniel Franco scored to give the Piura team a 1-0 win over César Vallejo at the Mansiche. On the other hand, Municipal and Sport Boys tied 2-2 at the Iván Elías Moreno in Villa El Salvador.

Iván Santillán, side of Universitario

“It was a tough match. Cienciano becomes strong at height. I don’t know if they knew how to handle the match, since we had scoring situations. Unfortunately, the ball did not go in. We are leaving with that disappointment that we were able to take something from Cusco.”