University professor died while teaching: He had chest pain, but he ignored it

a teacher of the University of the Andes, in Mérida, Mexico, died in front of his students, while teaching classes on the afternoon of January 31. The teacher was identified as Arnaldo Jose Mendez Urrieta49, who presented himself to the institution with chest discomfort and ended up collapsing in front of the students.

according to Yucatan Diary, the professor felt discomfort in his chest since morning, but he ignored it, until it caused him a heart attack. According to the students, they called 911, but it was too late because he would have lost his life within seconds.

“The unexpected departure of Professor Arnaldo José Méndez Urrieta fills the entire community of the Faculty of Sciences with sadness and mourns the honorable families of Merida, to whom we express our heartfelt words of condolence, raising a prayer for their eternal rest,” said the university. through a statement expressing their condolences for the unexpected death of the professor.

Likewise, it was learned that he went to the university, despite the pain because that day he planned to carry out an evaluation of his students. Only the latest knowledge that she wanted to transmit to his students was recorded on the blackboard. The man was married and lived with his wife in the parish.

Local media specified that his mother lives in Caracas, Venezuela, and his brothers have been out of the country for a long time. The university professor had a master’s degree in Robotics Mathematics and was one of the most recognized in the institution.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Shortness of breath, burning sensation, pressure in the center of the chest when walking or making physical effort, palpitations, sweating, paleness and nausea are some of the symptoms prior to a heart attack. These can occur many weeks in advance, days before the event occurs, or start suddenly and progressively.