University rivals and results in the Night Cream editions

University of Sports has already assembled its squad to obtain the title of League 1 Betsson 2022 and end the drought of national championships that afflicts since the 2013 season. For this, the first step of the team led by Gregorio Pérez will be Night Cream, which It will be held this Saturday, January 8, at the legendary Estadio Monumental de Ate.

The meringues will appear before their fans in a friendly duel that they will star against Millonarios de Colombia. Likewise, the reinforcements that arrived at the ‘U’ will be next to the North Trench for the first time.

On the eve of Night Cream 2022, we will review the latest results and rivals that University had during this celebration that takes place at the beginning of each year.

The presentation of the University campus for the 2022 season will be this Saturday, January 8, at Noche Crema, which will begin at 6:00 pm (Peruvian time). The match against Millonarios FC from Colombia is scheduled for 8:00 pm in Peru. Here we show you the schedules according to your geographical location.

La Noche Crema will be broadcast through Gol Peru. You can also enjoy the event through the streaming signal of Movistar Play and the website of The Sports Republic.

The Cream Night will take place in the mythical Monumental stadium of Ate. Next, we show you the location of the colossus.

The most anticipated event of the merengue box will be held with a capacity of 30%. Those who have been immunized with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to enter. Tickets are already on sale, although the family grandstand and 12-year-old family grandstand areas are sold out. Here we show you the costs of the remaining areas.