Unstoppable! Cassandra reveals that she works while holding her baby: “Mommy’s life” [VIDEO]

Focused on your goals! The businesswoman Cassandra Sánchez has been adapting to the new stage of her life with her first child Milan, who was born as a result of his romantic relationship with Dayvis Orosco. Through her social networks, she was excited to work taking care of her baby.

The conceited of Jessica newton A few weeks ago, she celebrated the first month of her firstborn’s life and did not wait for anything to go back to work. Through his official Instagram account, the public figure showed through a clip that he works while carrying his little daughter.

“Well, we have just closed an annual contract for 2022. We have done it here as a team. Life of a mother,” Cassandra Sánchez said at first and did not hide her excitement at having had an extremely successful work day for her company of representatives .

“I wanted to tell you that today was the first experience of having a call while carrying baby Milan on his shoulder making him sleep and the truth is that it has been like a good luck charm. The first meeting has been spectacular and the second meeting has also been It’s been amazing, “he commented afterward.

Cassandra Sánchez shares details of the party for her son’s first month: “It was beautiful”

An extremely special day. The popular Cassandra sanchez She was extremely excited to celebrate the first month of her son Milan’s life, this Friday, December 17 and after Christmas Eve, she decided to fix everything under that theme and share it with all her followers on social networks.

The conceited of Jessica newton She decided not to let the first birthday of her baby go unnoticed, who was born as a result of her love with the cumbia singer Deyvis Orosco. They both decided to plan a great celebration with their closest friends and family.