Unusual: a coffin fell from a hearse in Argentina

A coffin fell from a hearse in the middle of the street a few minutes after leaving a funeral home in the city of Rosario, Argentina last Wednesday, January 12. The event caused the anguish of relatives and drivers, who almost suffered a collision accident for trying to evade the box.

The incident occurred at noon, when the coffin where the body of a woman was being transferred was thrown with force and was lying on a track near the private cemetery of Granadero Baigorria, where he would be taken.

A bus driver told the newspaper La Nación that he had to make an abrupt maneuver to avoid colliding with the coffin and causing a multiple crash.

The authorities reported that the streets had to be closed for a moment, so that everything was almost paralyzed. In addition, they stated that one of the women who was in the caravan to the cemetery became unbalanced by what happened and needed medical help.

They also assured that the drawer containing the body of the deceased was left on the pavement. When investigating what were the reasons why he fell from the car, they discovered that it was due to a fault in a car lock.

The coffin was lifted by a cyclist who was passing by a corner with other neighbors who approached the place and workers in the area. They managed to return him to the vehicle so that he could continue on his way to the Granadero Baigorria cemetery.