Urban music in the face of a case that associates it with the international mafia, according to authorities

Once again the world of local entertainment is hampered by a particular case related to illegal situations. This time, an urban interpreter and the premises of the prestigious Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo franchise were raided by the authorities in search of evidence of an international complaint by a mafia network.

Hard Rock was intervened by the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD) and the Attorney General’s Office, as part of the operation involving the Dutch citizen Dennis Goedee, who is allegedly a member of the dangerous criminal organizations Mocro Maffia and No Limit. Soldier.

The Hard Rock venue continues to operate in its restaurant and artistic activities areas, although the situation has generated an image crisis and many points still need to be clarified.

In this operation also appears the character and supposed artistic businessman “Nuto”, Urvin Laurence Wawoe, one of the three men requested in extradition by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who is accused of being a member of the aforementioned dangerous criminal organizations .

“Nuto” denied, yesterday afternoon, any relationship with the mafia organizations. While he was taken to the Second Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice for the coercive measure request hearing, he told reporters that he has been in the country for a long time.

Among the companies linked to the world of entertainment registered by Urvin Laurence Wawoe, in the National Office of Industrial Property (Onapi) are “Urbin Laurence Wawoe”, founded in 2018, and describes its function as everything related to the genre urban music.

Despite the fact that, until now, the name “Nuto” has not been linked to any known or popular local artist or exponent of urban music, he recorded music videos in the poorest neighborhoods of the country to the rhythm of rap.

As usual in rhythm, “Nuto” flaunted money, clothing, and luxury vehicles.

The videos have more than a million views on YouTube. However, she produced music videos for foreign rappers like Dutchman Henkie T; the American Master P and the dj Jazze Pha and Gangstamillio.

Rumors about money laundering have been woven around the urban music business for some time.

Last year, the lawyer, money laundering expert, Claudia Álvarez, made forceful statements about urban music. During an interview for the morning newspaper “El Despertador”, from SIN, by Color Visión, she pointed out that the urban music business can lend itself to money laundering due to the large amount of money it moves.

When explaining the way in which these organized crime structures work, he explained that often the drug traffickers “shield themselves and pose as businessmen using people who are already established.”

He clarified that sometimes those who are used by drug traffickers “do not know the drug trafficker per se or the intimate circle because they keep in contact with their front men.”

“In all types of business where there is a large volume of money, you can lend for money, according to what you want to do,” he answered when asked if urban music and its exponents could be lent for laundering.

In past decades, other genres such as merengue and salsa, which in their golden age, were also questioned due to the “modus operandi” of some businessmen.