US and UK embassies join the international rejection after Christopher Acosta’s conviction

The embassies of the United States and the United Kingdom in Peru joined the condemnation and international rejection of the sentence given to the investigative journalist Christopher acosta for having written a book on the life of the Peruvian politician César Acuña.

Both delegations indicated that freedom of expression is one of the “most fundamental rights of the human being and who advocate strict respect for this right in any part of the world and work every day to strengthen it ”.

The discharge was made through a statement that they shared on their social networks, where they also described freedom of expression and freedom of the press as “the basis of all democracy.”

The statements came after Judge Jesús Vega imposed 2 years in suspended prison for journalist Christopher Acosta for the publication of the book “Plata como cancha”, which has been classified as a crime of aggravated defamation.

César Acuña has requested the payment of a fine of 1,875 soles (480 dollars) and an indemnification of 400,000 soles (100,000 dollars) after considering that some 55 sentences of the book were defamatory, despite the fact that what was said in the letter is part of an extensive investigation that cites judicial and congressional sessions that had not been questioned by the Peruvian politician.

The sentence also included the editor of the journalist’s book, Jerónimo Pimentel, and the publishing house Penguin Random House, who must pay jointly with Christopher Acosta the civil damages that amount to 400,000 soles.