US: Security guard stabbed man who refused to wear mask in supermarket

A security guard from a supermarket in California, United States, attacked a customer who refused to wear a mask inside the establishment. The employee confronted the man and ended up stabbing him.

It was the security agent himself who contacted the police to report what had happened, and also indicated that he acted in self-defense because the client tried to attack him when he told him that he could not remain in the supermarket without wearing a mask.

According to the Santa Monica Police Department, the man entered the store Vons without a mask and “began to cause a scene”, at that time the guards approached to stop him.

“At one point during the fight, the security officer pulled out a small knife and stabbed the client several times,” police reported.

The alleged assailant was transferred to a hospital where he was listed as stable, however, he refused to provide information about his identity or make statements about the incident that occurred on Monday night.

The authorities reported that there were several witnesses to the confrontation between the guard and the client, and also indicated that the security employee had “fully cooperated” with the investigation.

USA It still remains with some restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic, including the use of a mask for indoor public environments, a rule that is announced by the establishments before entering the stores.