USA: Police couple commit suicide in Florida and leave a month-old baby in the orphanage

Two police officers from FloridaIn the United States, they committed suicide, leaving their one-month-old orphan. The little one will be left in the care of a close relative, according to information from a fundraising page for the baby.

Clayton osteen Y Victoria Pacheco They work at the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. According to the sheriff’s office, Clayton attempted to remove the vine just before midnight on New Years, being taken to the hospital where he finally passed away on January 2.

Upon learning of the death of her partner, Agent Victoria fell into depression and finally committed suicide, leaving her baby an orphan.

“Words cannot express the tremendous loss we all feel after losing these two family members from the sheriff’s office,” Sheriff Ken Mascara said in a statement.

Osteen, team member SWAT, was named Deputy of the Year in 2020 and had served in the United States Marine Corps.

“For the general public, and sometimes even for me, it is easy to see law enforcement as superhuman … but let’s not forget that they are human like us,” wrote the bailiff after the death of the young couple of 24 and 23 years.

Mascara said he hopes this tragedy will serve as a lesson to help ease the stigma surrounding mental health and normalize the conversation about the challenges people face.