Users about little public in concert “Los Grandes II”: “Melcochita said ‘don’t go’ and they listened”

The concert “The Great II “promised a wide variety of internationally renowned salsa artists; willie colon, Oscar D’Leon, Luisito Carrió and Rubén Blades, despite this it would not have obtained the expected reception.

A user in TikTok viralized a video where they show part of the St. Mark’s Stadium with very little presence of people while the concert of The Great II It was performed.

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In the video that reads “This is what the concert of “Los Grandes II” looks like in the San Marcos Stadium”, where very few people can be seen in the stands, and in the middle of the field it is not possible to fill the determined space.

This situation has generated a lot of comments and questions, because on the official Teleticket page “Los Grandes II” is announced as “The biggest salsa event of the summer”, however the images show a contrast with what was the last concert of Group 5.

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Users troll little presence of people in Los Grandes II

As can be seen, there is very little influx of people that is available in The Great II inside the Stadium of one of the most important salsa concerts that have been presented in Peru so far this year. Faced with this situation, users lent themselves to comment creatively.

“Melcochita said don’t go, and they didn’t go anymore,” says a user on TikTok.
Users comment on little public presence.