Users after seeing Cachaza and Andre Bankoff giving each other passionate kisses: “The rolex. long live love”

they support her. This January 29, the well-known Carol Reali ‘Cachaza’ He surprised his followers by sharing a video with his beloved, the Brazilian Andre Bankoff, where they both show with kisses and gestures of love that they are very much in love and happy. In this way, the former reality girl multiplied by zero a future reconciliation with Rafael Cardozo, with whom she had a relationship for years and was engaged. Now, she received a message of support and congratulations for giving herself a new chance in love.

YOU CAN SEE: ‘Cachaza’ and Brazilian Andre Bankoff kiss passionately: “You fill my lungs with sweetness”

And it is that, remember that at the end of 2022, the Brazilian model and Cardozo announced their final separation without telling the details of the break. You could even see the move of the young woman, who at the time preferred not to talk about it. However, this 2023, apparently, has become a great year for her, since she has no problem officially introducing her new partner, the Brazilian andre bankoff, with whom he shares various moments and enjoys relaxing days.

This time, the reality girl stirred up social networks by sharing a romantic video with her partner, who hugs her gently. Both seal their love with passionate kisses and caresses. Meanwhile, the young lover was encouraged to share a phrase from a well-known song: “You fill my lungs with sweetness”, was the romantic message from the blonde to her lover. For this reason, users did not hesitate to congratulate and celebrate her love after his break with Rafael Cardozo.

“Wonderful”, “The Rolex”, “There is always something better”, “You applied the Shakira but the other way around, you changed a Cassio for a Rolex”, “They are both too cute”, “I love how they look”, “The Rolex”, “Long live love”, “Tremendous woman, you taught us a lesson, you shouldn’t waste time with a dreamer”, were some comments that stood out on her platform, where the model tagged her partner, who responded with a tender message: “I’m here sweetheart”.

Author: Carol Reali Instagram

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What did Rafael Cardozo say about his break with Cachaza?

Last year, Rafael Cardozo decided to talk about his separation with the model Carol Reali after twelve years of relationship On that occasion, he said that he was comfortable with solitude, but that he was affected by being separated from her, but that it was necessary. “I am a person who loves loneliness, but too much loneliness also hurts you. A relationship of 12 years, Now I stop alone, and it does affect me,” said the radio host.

He also said that his experience and his separation from his loved one helped him to improve, because in life, not everything is about winning. “I believe that if life were only victories, it would not be a pretty life,” he said at another time. “If you only win, where is the fun? Sometimes we have to lose, fail. They say that you learn from mistakes, it is not like that, you have to correct your mistakes to learn. I corrected many things that had been failing and I think I am a better person, I had to go through that,” he said.