Users criticize Patricio after sharing a photograph of Luciana: “What starts badly ends badly”

Did they make the relationship official? The reality boy Patricio Parodi and Lucina Fuster have shown that they are quite close after being supported by kissing passionately. However, neither of them have commented on their romance. Now, the influencer shared a photo of the model setting off the alarms.

As is known, for several weeks the members of This is war they do not hide their love. Therefore, they have been captured together on several occasions. Now, the model decided to travel to the United States to meet the radio host for her birthday.

However, in their special encounter Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster they suffered a small incident in the middle of the road. Through social media, the reality boys revealed that one of their car tires had broken down and they were stranded for a long time.

As a result, the public figures decided to take a series of photographs to immortalize the funny moment. The influencer used his official Instagram account to share several photos, including a snapshot of Luciana Fuster. “Things that happen in life. If you want to see how we solved it, go to my stories,” he wrote in his post.

However, after the post, thousands of users did not hesitate to comment on the reality girl’s photograph as many took it as an officialization, while others attacked both. “What badly starts out badly, I will just say”, “They say that what is seen is not asked”, “Custer lucianafusterg already makes everyone’s egg official”, are some of the comments.

“Now are you going to say that the production sent him to Miami?”: Samu destroys Pato and Luciana

He throws them out without roche. Samuel Suárez referred again to Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster and it is that after issuing new images from his platform Instarandula, He did not hesitate to question the words of both about a supposed romance of This is war, what did he say to them?

Now what is Patricio going to say? That the production of Esto es Guerra sent him to Miami? his little tour of Miami and he already left him? hahahaha, “said the funny driver with a laugh. It should be noted that the couple has been in Miami for a few days, however, yesterday they were playing mystery by hanging photos on the same stage, but leaving the possibility open.