Users defend Guerrero after criticism in Women in command of his swimwear: “It’s humility”

They call for savings. After the hosts of the Women in command questioned Paolo Guerrero’s taste in swimsuits and even hinted that he would not renew his closet, netizens came out to defend him on social networks, highlighting his humility.

“Those who earn the most are the ones who wear swimwear …” bathroom, as they would seem a little small, right? “, were the statements that the panelists of Women in command performed on the summer look of the ‘Predator’.

This did not go unnoticed by users in social networks, who, true to their style, raised their voices and made a face for the ‘capi’ assuring that if he wanted to wear the same swimwear that 10 years ago it would only be his problem, and that the fact of making money would not mean always having to spend it on “vanities”.

“I do not know what you mean by that … it is very different if you want to save, not like you who spend, spend in nonsense, go into debt in vanities”, “And what is the problem or do they think because of their way of life That someone with money should buy bathing suits every month? ” from Paolo Guerrero.

Paolo Guerrero shocks MAM drivers: “His swimwear is 10 years old”

A little more budget please was what the drivers of Mujeres al Mando asked Paolo Guerrero, who did not approve the summer style of Paolo Guerrero.

“His swimwear is 10 years old,” was one of the comments made by Kurt Villavicencio when analyzing the ‘Predator’ swimsuit.