Users go crazy when they find out that Edison Flores and Ana Siucho will have a second baby: “I hope they get the little boy”

The news has liked more than one. Edison Flores and Ana Siucho will be parents again for the second time and it was she who announced it through her social networks and tagging the soccer player of the Peruvian team. Thus, immediately, the reaction of his followers did not wait and many not only wished him the best wishes for him, but also hope that he will be a baby boy.

“Our family is growing!!! We couldn’t be happier to finally share the news! Alba will be a big sister. Seeing the word “pregnant” for the second time on the test felt like the first time, I swear. Edison Flores and I are too excited! Now, we will celebrate everything in 4. What a blessing,” he wrote Ana Siucho.

YOU CAN SEE: Edison Flores and Ana Siucho confirm their second baby: “We couldn’t be happier”

After that, some users on social networks hope that Ana Siucho and Edison Flores they can specify having a baby boy, who would be the succession of ‘Orejita’ Flores. “Hopefully the little boy will come to them and if not, the girls are the perfect company for the mommy. Congratulations”, “Well there, Chancleta if you can’t for the little boy, spread the word” or “The successor of the little ears is coming”, they were some of the comments.

For his part, Edison Flores He has not yet wanted to communicate the news through his social networks and only his wife Ana Siucho has done so, however, the expressions of affection have been sent to both of them, since the two will become parents for the second time and the couple was the one who showed the pregnancy test in one of the photographs.

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Who is the wife of Edison Flores and how many children do they have?

The footballer’s wife Edison Flores Her name is Ana Siucho and they got married at the end of 2019. She is a pretty young woman who studied medicine and met the soccer player thanks to her brother, Roberto Siucho, who is also a soccer player. At first they were friends, but little by little she managed to win her heart.

Currently, Ana Siucho and Edison Flores They have a daughter named Alba, who is only one year old, however, the little one will soon become an older sister, as her little brother or sister is on the way, who will end up completing the family.