Users have a new nickname for Daniel Lazo due to the apartment’s problem: “The new Don Ramón wants to live without paying rent”

Rocio Calvo Chavez, The owner of the property assures that the former winner of “La voz Perú” paid for the Miraflores apartment for the last time in November 2022.

Likewise, the owner of the property has publicly denounced Daniel Lazo for not taking responsibility for the debt he has with her or for responding to the messages that Rocío sends to the singer.

Given this, netizens have been outraged by the decisions that the singer has made, as they assure that instead of paying his debt he prefers to pay a lawyer or not answer the calls of dew bald.

That is why netizens have dubbed the singer as the new Don Ramón Peruvian.

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Users stone Daniel Lazo calling him Don Ramón

After learning about the media scandal that the singer is experiencing, netizens do not forgive Daniel’s wrongdoing and on social networks they have given him curious nicknames for not taking responsibility for the debt he owes to the owner of the apartment.

“Now it will be Daniel Valdez”, “Don Ramón, he wants to live well without paying”, “Don Ramón but of Peruvian music”, “Now you will be Don Ramón”, “Don Ramón Lazo”, “Take responsibility, assume as a man that you are ”, read in the comments.

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Daniel Lazo publishes video singing on networks after scandal

On his Instagram account, the artist takes refuge in what he is most passionate about, which is singing and playing his guitar, but users continue to comment on each post about the department’s debt.

“Has he already paid?”, “It would look professional if you resolved your debts”, “Stop following him, it’s not worth it”, “Just pay your debt and everything will be solved”, they commented in the video of Daniel Lazo.