Users impacted after Magaly Medina’s new ampay: “Who will it be? Tilsa? Brunella? or Ethel?”

“Magaly TV La Firme” returns with a new ampay and the networks have been shocked, since it is unknown who would be the new recruit prior to their marriage. It turns out that according to the advance of the magpie program, it would be a newlywed.

YOU CAN SEE: Magaly Medina announces a new controversial ampay: “The fiery meeting she had before saying yes”

The “Magaly TV La Firme” promo released on the afternoon of January 25 says the following: “Today on Magaly TV La Firme, he married his beloved surrounded by family and friends, but we will tell you all the details of the fiery meeting that he had before saying yes”.

Knowing the advance, users on social networks could not stop commenting and many have their own answers, since there are many newlyweds, among them we have: Jackson Mora, Richard Acuña, Julián Alexander and even Chorri Palacios, who recently renewed his vows with his wife.

Some comments that have begun to fill the publication of the “Magaly TV La Firme” program are: “Who will it be? Tilsa? Brunella? or Ethel?” wow”, “This is burning hahaha who will it be”, “It will be Chorri you will see… I doubt it will be the others” or “El Chorri in fact”.

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Who recently got married?

Just a few months ago, show business was filled with several weddings, starting with Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander. The couple married after a few months of meeting. After her, Valeria Piazza followed with her lifelong partner, Piere Cateriano. They showed off with a dream wedding.

After these two marriages, in 2022 he closed it Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora. Their wedding was highly commented because of the decoration they had, which for many was not to their liking. Meanwhile, 2023 began the wedding stage of Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña.