Users show the San Marcos Stadium empty after a concert by Los Grandes ll: “Melcochita said ‘don’t go'”

the concert of The Great II in Lima it was held on the last Saturday, April 15, but what is striking is that a large part of the San Marcos Stadium is empty. A VIDEO showing the start of the event went viral on TikTok. One of the attendees decided to record the moment and was shocked to see the few seats purchased, as it is appreciated the area of ​​the stands and the east is almost entirely bare, while in the areas closest to the stage there are a few dozen fans. This fact caused outrage among netizens, as they assured that the invited artists did not deserve such a welcome.

And it is that those summoned were giants of international salsa, such as Roberto Blades, Willie Colón, Óscar de León, Luisito Carrión. In addition, among the local artists were the group Son Tentación, Antonio Cartagena and Orq. International Flavor. Find out the details below.

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Users speak out about the Los Grandes II concert

Netizens lamented the situation of the concert and some blamed the little publicity that there was and the high prices. “Surely Melcochita said ‘don’t go’ and they didn’t go”, “Willie Colon, Roberto Blades, Oscar D’León… How could that concert be empty? I don’t understand”, “When some friends wanted to buy, there were no more tickets… What was it! Could it be that the resellers fell out”, “The truth is, there was no advertising on TV, nor on the radio, nor on social networks, nothing”, they wrote.

“That! I didn’t even know If I had seen the advertising, without thinking about it I would have gone in one”, “At least, let them go to the field so that the artists can see some people”, “The tickets were high”, “It’s that people go later, we already know how is it, the important ones are taken out at 1:00 am”, “Better that they show up at the Casa de la Salsa, warmer”, commented others.

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Meet the new faces of Son Tentación

Paula Arias was invited to the Flowreando YouTube channel and commented on the latest incidents within her group. “It is the first time that two singers leave and one of those who are years old. For example, Suu (Rabanal) is almost a pioneer and Kiara (Lozano) joined later, but she is almost four years old. So, people identify them and love them. Well earned the public…”, she mentioned.

Paula Arias introduces her new team. Photo: composition by Jazmín Ceras/La República/Instagram/Son Tentación

As a result, the leader of Son Tentación welcomed her new forward, made up of Karmen Muradas, Narda Pumarada, Mariale Salazar, Briela Cirilo and Mirella Paz.

Willie Colon apologizes for ignoring photos upon arrival in Lima

willie colon It was one of the great announcements of the Los Grandes II concert. The salsa singer arrived in Lima a day before the event, but avoided taking photos with his followers. Given this, he apologized to his fans on his social networks.

“I wanted to take a moment to apologize for not taking pictures with some of you after my recent arrival in Lima. I had just flown in from New York after an eight hour flight and was feeling exhausted,” he wrote.

Willie Colón is sympathetic with fans. Photo: Capture/Facebook

Users regret that the last presentation of Willie Colón in Lima was not received

Another video published by an attendee of the commented Los Grandes II concert circulates on Tik Tok, and that is, in this one the singer Willie Colón is seen singing one of his mythical songs: “TV Talent”, however, the capacity in the Stadium San Marcos is minimal. “Not that we were a salsa audience,” says the netizen.