Users trolled Jazmín Pinedo for assuring that she “cried” because Gino did not want to record tiktoks

After the revealing statements made by Jazmín Pinedo about Gino Assereto, even assuring that he even cried because he refused to take photos or record videos with her, social network users did not hesitate to ‘trolled’ her.

“I remember that when I was with Gino I cried because of that, (I told him) ‘a little picture’ (and he told me) ‘no’, ‘a little video’ and he didn’t, I had to record without him realizing it and then ask permission … When we separated, there I was just robbed by uploading the Tiktok “, revealed the television host before Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz.

This did not go unnoticed by his haters and those users who took with grace the complaint of the ‘Chinita‘towards the ex-boy reality show, and they even reminded him that his love would have “fought” in the past with Michelle Soifer.

“El Gato Cuba did it and we already know how it ended”, “How horrible !! So much nonsense by these clay idols”, “You were fighting with Michelle for that man, it’s not worth it, he will have left her”, “What complains when his support is not paid, he complains about nonsense “, were some of the reactions and mockery towards Jasmine Pinedo that proliferated in the social networks.

Although it was not only negative comments, but there were also netizens who understood the position of the presenter of Shows in America.

Jasmine Pinedo reveals that she cried, for Gino Assereto ?: “My tears will have their reward”

In the América TV show block this Thursday, December 30, the popular ‘chinita’, Jazmín Pinedo sent a hint to her ex-partner, Gino Assereto after confessing that in the past she cried and suffered for love. Let us remember that both of them currently have a beautiful relationship for the well-being of their daughter.

“My tears will have a reward, listen,” said the model to the astonishment of Yaco and Natalie, who were as guests, although the ‘chinita’ did not say the name.