Valeria destroys Christian by prohibiting Pamela: “When those things happen, there is insecurity”

He left with everything. Christian Domínguez is again in the eye of the storm after revealing that he prohibits Pamela Franco from going out with certain clothes, and Valeria Piazza did not remain silent.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows, this Tuesday, January 11. First Brunella Horna took the opportunity to praise her physique after giving birth. “She has a great body, and the one who trains her is Christian,” he said.

However, the popular ‘Baby Bru’ then referred to the statements he gave Christian Domínguez, and denied that Richard Acuña does the same. “Never, I send Richard and he says to me: Pretty love,” he said.

This is when Valeria piazza He showed his surprise, and hit the cumbiambero with a stick. “I think that when these things happen is when there is insecurity,” he said, to which Brunella Horna joined saying: “Christian met Pamela as a super sexy woman.”

Likewise, the former Miss Peru said that her boyfriend Pierre, who has just recovered from COVID-19, is quite different from Christian Domínguez, and explained why.

“Pierre is a super relaxed man, he always supports me, I have paraded in a bikini in Miss Peru, in Las Vegas. (…) We have never insulted each other, we have not disrespected each other and that is why we are going to turn 12 years old,” he said .

Listening to Valeria piazza, Brunella Horna made him a request. “Let Pierre write to Chrsitian Domínguez and give him some advice, although he really is super laid back,” he said. It will be achieved?

Ethel Pozo destroys Christian Domínguez: “The tread of the year”

In an issue of America Hoy, Ethel Pozo She was called ‘the weeping woman of the year’ and she took the opportunity to send her ‘little girl’ to Christian Domínguez by Pamela Franco. “The tread of the year”, he specified.