Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna advise Gato Cuba and Melissa Paredes: “They can confuse your daughter”

Nothing was saved. Rodrigo Cuba and Melissa Paredes got divorced and are now living with new partners, so Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna could not stop advising them.

In the latest edition of More Shows, this Thursday, January 6, it was the former Miss Peru who spoke initially, and made a face for some comments she released the day before.

Valeria piazza reminded Rodrigo Cuba Y Melissa Paredes about mourning. “I said my opinion, and I said that it was necessary to mourn, because a relationship is ending, and we are not made of stone, there is a mourning to heal and be able to be well. Some people thought that I was defending Melissa but no,” he said.

However, the former beauty queen assured that she has nothing against the new romance of Gato Cuba with Ale Venturo. “I love seeing them happy, and I love seeing the Cat with Natalie’s friend,” he said.

Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna declare themselves fans of Stephanie Cayo: “She’s the favorite”

Seeing a note from the Cayo family, the drivers of More Shows They filled Stephanie Cayo with praise but did not neglect Alessia Rovegno.

“I think Stephanie, I see her photos and I say: Wow,” said Brunella Horna, and Valeria Piazza joined her. “Of all the Cayos, she’s my favorite too, but Alessia is also super good. They all sing and dance,” he said.