Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna defend Pancho Rodríguez: “He had already paid his fine”

They pulled a face for him. Pancho Rodríguez is going through one of the hardest moments of his life after being stranded at the Jorge Chávez airport for three days with his son, and being prevented from entering Peru, so the drivers of More Shows they spoke at length about his case LIVE.

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In the last edition of the América TV program this Thursday, January 12, Brunella Horna first spoke about the Chilean’s case and announced that she already knew about this fact days ago, but preferred not to speak until he did, and later make it known that he had decided to take legal measures against Immigration.

For this reason, the drivers advocated for Pancho rodriguez after the controversial party of Yahaira Plasencia. “It is a very sad case for the people who know Pancho, he is so applied, he is correct,” said Baby Brune, so that later her partner would join her.

“Pancho has not had any history of bad behavior. When it happened, he recognized the error, apologized, and it seems to me that this may be getting out of hand, he was with his little daughter for three days,” added Valeria Piazza.

After these words, Brunella Horna stressed that Pancho rodriguez he should have been allowed in because he had already paid a fine. “You have to know how long migrations have given you for not entering the country, has it been the same for all foreigners? Pancho paid his fine at his police station, you have to admit it, and when he arrived in the country, he was amazed,” he said, with what the former Miss Peru agreed. “What had to happen was that you let them in and then they already bought their return ticket,” he said.

Yahaira Plasencia on Pancho Rodríguez: “There is something very beautiful between us”

Yahaira Plasencia clarified his relationship with Pancho rodriguez, and surprised to assure that they have something, but then backtracked, denying a romance.

“My plans with Panchito … I love him a lot, I respect him a lot, there is something very beautiful between us. We have a love for him, but each one focused on his own things,” he said.