Valeria Piazza and her husband arrived in Cieneguilla with donations after mudslides: “A lot of help is still needed”

The model and host of america showsValeria Piazza, also joined the demonstrations of solidarity after the mudslides and heavy rain that have occurred due to the Cyclone Yaku and that left hundreds of affected families without a roof to live. She arrived with her husband Piero Cateriano and other friends of hers to Cieneguilla carrying everything they had collected.

Through his Instagram account, Valeria Piazza He thanked all those who joined the humanitarian aid provided, but also expressed his surprise to see how the victims themselves organize themselves so that the aid reaches everyone equally, since some are sick and prostrate, so they could not reach where the distribution was made.

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“When we come together we can achieve incredible things. Thanks to everyone who sent donations, to my Piere Cateriano who has been coordinating and getting help for days, to Maca who managed to collect donations in record time, to the great team that was formed so that this help reaches the most difficult areas”, was the first thing he wrote Valeria Piazza.

He then added: “We went to Río Seco in Cieneguilla where entire families have lost everything. It’s incredible how they organize themselves, how they cared about people who had just had surgery or who were sick who couldn’t queue for us to go to their homes and who didn’t run out of food. That’s the union we always need. Much more help is still needed.”

Finally, Valeria Piazza He asked not to forget about the animals, so he called for help for them. “There are puppies that are going whole days without eating, we must not forget about them.” After that, users highlighted the actions of the former Miss Peru and her husband at this time when many families have nothing.

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Valeria Piazza is moved by donations

Just this week, the host of América Hoy, Valeria Piazza she was moved and threw flowers to the people who supported the victims of the mudslides. This is how she spoke about the harsh situation that Punta Hermosa and other parts of Peru are experiencing, and she spoke of those who have brought out the most supportive side of her.

“I am very excited when everyone gets together, we have a canine brigade in Punta Hermosa and they have bought food. They are helping everyone who needs it (…) Many people have lost everything they have, it affected me a lot to see all the from Punta Hermosa who joined,” said Valeria Piazza in front of cameras