Valeria Piazza announces that her boyfriend defeated the coronavirus: “This virus has us all crazy”

The happiest. Valeria Piazza experienced complicated moments this week when it was revealed that her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano had tested positive for the coronavirus, but she can finally breathe easy because everything is over.

During the last edition of América Espectáculos, the host spoke about her partner’s health and announced that not only did her quarantine end, but that she managed to defeat COVID-19.

Valeria piazza She was happy and relieved when she gave this news because she also had a great scare that led her to spend the New Year isolated and ended up falling asleep at 10:30 p.m.

The model believed that she could have been infected, but fortunately all the tests she underwent came back negative, as she had told herself during More Shows.

“I tell you that after so many days Pierre tested negative, after the molecular test. This virus has us all crazy, they have already discharged him, I can finally see it ”, said Valeria Piazza.

“At last, at last after all the holidays, also the New Year (I spent it) isolated. It’s good that everything happens, but not only does this happen in our country, but the United States is also experiencing the same situation throughout the world, ”he added.

Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano will marry

Let us remember that Pierre Cateriano asked Valeria Piazza for her hand last year, and in November 2021 she gave all the details of this fact in You are in all.

“We were there in a spectacular place and he took out a box and that’s when he asked for my hand, I almost died because I wasn’t expecting it at all. I had planned with the hotel to receive us with champagne, with roses and chococales … everything was very planned and I didn’t even know about it, “he said.